1984- The company made a system reform from state-owned into private-owned, and began to produce the electric wire below 1KV
1992-Our company began to make power cable and became the first national production permit enterprise of ACSR.
1998- Adding the new item PVC granula satisfied the supply for the medium and large cable company such as Far East Co.,Ltd, WalsIn Lihwa Corp.
1999- Our company developed OEM.
2000- We obtained the self-support imports and exports right and went in for export business.
2000-We took part in The China Export commodities Fair (Canton Fair) for the first time.2003- Shanghai sales office was established. 2004- The Alibaba International Promotion Platform came into service.
2004 - Reducing labor- intensive products such as coaxial cable and network cable and enlarging the            wires and cables.
2005- Attending Dubai Spring Fair.
2007- Establishing cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Tourism of Cuba.
2008 – The No.2 Workshop was put into operation.
2008 – Our company got SASO Certificate of Saudi Arabia for control cable.
2009- We participated in Chad cooperation project with the United Nations African procurement center.2010- We got SAA Certificate of Austria for Flat Twin Cable and Flat Twin Cable + E.
2010 – Taking part in Interwire 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
2010- Production line of rubber cable was put into use.
2012-The comprehensive Office Building and No.3 Workshop were come into use.
2012- Advanced production equipments were introduced to use for the power cable with steel wire armored and stranded conductor.
2012- Our General Manager Mr. Yin Guodong was invited to give a speech in Foreign Trade Council of    Jiangsu Province
2012-We applied for patent in new technology innovation of nylon wire production.
2012-We won the Science Progress Award.
2012- We got UL Listed for TC series & WTTC series.
2012- We applied for patent technology of THHN.
2013- Ministry of Foreign Trade and Technology Department of Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group visited our production of Nylon wire and then had technical exchanges with our company.
2013- Our company attended Interwire 2013 in Atlanta, the USA. 

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