In retrospect, it is the unremitting efforts devoted by every GANGHONG staff that get us where we are today.

We never falter in pursuing the set target no matter the market is thriving or depressed. Each GANGHONG staff, who sticks to the goal and works conscientiously at their respective post, makes us much stronger in the ever increasingly fierce international market competition.

GANGHONG staff deeply understand that QUALITY TO PRODUCTS IS THE LIFE TO AN ENTERPRISE. WITHOUT QUALITY, PRODUCTS ARE OF NO VALUE. Even vicious competition exists when the market is flooded by the cheap products of low quality, GANGHONG still adhere to the concept, QUALITY FIRST, by strengthening the quality control scheme during the critical processes like incoming raw materials inspection, production process control, delivery inspection, and so on. GANGHONG will make sure only the quality products to be delivered.

GANGHONG focus on the market exploration and the product upgrade. GANGHONG keep introducing high value-added products and strive to serve the high class of European and American markets.

GANGHONG strive to be the customers' supporter and the partner. GANGHONG are willing to help them to be more competitive in their markets and to maximize their profit by thinking on their behalf, sharing the technical and the market information, as well as by providing them the product support. GANGHONG never cheat on the customers. GANGHONG staff are recognized as their best Chinese friends of good faith.

GANGHONG belong to every staff. GANGHONG respect each staff. GANGHONG build the platform for everyone to display their abilities and realize their values, while link the benefits between the individual and the corporation, which enhances everyone's sense of belonging and responsibility, as well as gives full play the collective wisdom and power.
The world is changing, so is the market. But GANGHONG staff's pursuit never changes. GANGHONG will continue to strive for excellence and to meet the customers' demands to the maximum extent.
1.Corporate Spirit: Realistic Spirit, Good Faith, Solidarity, Endeavor
2.Corporate Principle: Quality Ahead, Customer First
3.Corporate Mission: Superior Quality, Thoughtful Service, Flexible Business Mode, Pleasant Environment, Strict Discipline
4.GANGHONG Motto: To Build the First Class Enterprise, To Be the Excellent Staff
5.GANGHONG Work Style: Less Mistake at Work, More Progress in Business
6.Corporate Cultural Essence: People and Quality Oriented


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